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As the largest and most populous continent in the world with just over 3.8 billion people, Asia is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties, and governmental systems.

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Asia is a spiritual place - infused with the gods of past and present

Asia is home to Ancient wonders and sacred spaces abound

Asia has the best adventure motorcycling roads from sublime coastlines to snow capped mountains

Asian cuisine is famous the world over

Trans-Asia routes

You may travel through Asia in many different ways by different means of transportation. Motorcycling is among the best.

For good information and riding routes of Asia, go to Ride Asia Forum

A Carnet de Passage is a document that allows you to cross international borders with a vehicle and avoid paying customs charges. It is basically a promise that you will take the vehicle out of the country when you leave, or risk hefty penalties.

Permit:  Some governments require you to obtain a permit to drive your own vehicles into their countries. Besides the prearranged permit, you need a compulsory guide during your stay in their countries. These countries are China, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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Central Asia- the 'stans

The five 'stans: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
Tucked between India, Russia and China, the five 'stans are a congregation of mountains, steppe grassland and desert. Once a mix of feudal khanates and nomadic peoples, they were formed as republics under Stalin's rule. Now, 20 years after independence, they are forging their own identities.


Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination where travellers can see the traditions of the past still practised today by hardy nomads dwelling on the country's vast steppes and deserts

South Asia

India and Sri Lanka, Like a giant wedge plunging into the Indian Ocean, peninsular South India is the subcontinent's steamy heartland, and a lush contrast to the snow-capped peaks and sun-crisped plains of the North.

Southeast Asia

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Northern Thailand. The Mekong. Its an exotic name guaranteed to fire up the imagination. Riding high on the global hot list, it is home to such iconic sights as Angkor Wat, Halong Bay and Luang Prabang.

Border Crossing SE Asia

Thailand C Laos C Vietnam C Cambodia C Malaysia-Myanmar Border Crossings

Border crossings in Central Asia

Border crossings in Central Asia have a tendency to close unexpectedly and be located on a snowy mountain pass. Use the below map and guide to decide on your route through Central Asia. Please understand that this guide is an indication. However hard we try to keep up to date with recent developments, we cannot guarantee that a certain border crossing will be open or closed.


Border Crossings Mongolia to Russia:

There are three border crossings from Mongolia into Russia.

In the West in the Bayan-Olgii provence from Tsagaannuur (Mongolia) to Tashanta (Russia)

Central, directly North of Ulaanbaatar from Altanbulag (Mongolia) to Kayakhta (Russia)

In the East in the Dornod Provence from Ereentsav (Mongolia) to Solovyevsk( Russia)...HOWEVER this is only open to foreign foot traffic. NO Foreign vehicles allowed. Even using out contacts with Mongolia Expeditions permission was not obtainable.

The border crossings are open from 9am to Noon then 2pm to 6pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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