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Follow Marco Polo's great adventure on the Silk Road. From the southern ethnic region to heart of the Han Chinese homeland, you travel west, meeting numerous ethnic groups such as Tibetans and the Turkic-speaking Uyghurs of Central Asia, en route to the remote oasis city of Kashgar on your own motorcycles.

The Silk Road originally extended over 6,000 km through ancient China, India, Persia, Europe and Arabia, linking the mighty civilizations of the East and the West. Journey along this historic route and explore remote areas only just opening up to foreign visitors.

It was the world's first superhighway, a series of desert and mountain crossing that enabled silk to make its way from the ancient Chinese capital of Xian. The Silk Road allowed links between China and the West to flourish, an exchange of art, ideas and culture as well as trade.

Visiting this far-flung part of China is a chance to seamlessly mix modern-paced adventure with ancient culture. The arts and crafts of the region, strong since the Silk Road era, are still thriving: contemporary skills follow traditions dating back thousands of years, to the First Emperor himself.

Travel from subtropical Southern China to the ancient Xi'an city, following the path of this incredible route. Witness the legends of the Silk Road come to life on this memorable tour.

Brief Itinerary

Mohan to Kashgar, travel on the Chinese Silk Road

Day 1 Laos/China (45KM)
Arrive in Boten Laos, make your final 5 Km to the Chinese border. Met by Ride China staff and clear the customs and rive to Mengla. Obtain plates and licenses for bikes and riders. Stay in Mengla.

Day 2 Mengla ¨C Menglun Botanic Garden-Yuan Jiang (464KM)
Start riding north along the China Laos border to Menglun to visit the botanical garden. Afterwards we will continue riding to Yuan Jiang Hani minority autonomous county.

Day 3 Yuan Jiang ¨C Yuanyang ¨C Nansha (273KM)
Ride to Yuanyang - a most delightful vicinity populated by the Yi, Tai, Miao, Hani and several other minority groups. With their resilience and diligence, they created wonders both practical and exhilaratingly beautiful to behold. Crop is grown on steps carved into slopes and together with the clouds enveloping the mid-mountains, the landscape is transformed into a remarkable work of art. We will ride to Kaiyuan in the afternoon.

Day 4 Nansha to Stone Forest (266KM) to Kunming
The Stone Forest is in Lunan Yi Nationality Autonomous County, It covers an area of 400 square kilometers (96,000 acres) and includes both large and small stone forests, as well as many other scenic spots. An old local saying says that 'If you have visited Kunming without seeing the Stone Forest, you have wasted your time.' Truly, the Stone Forest is one of the most important attractions of Yunnan. Visit the Stone Forest and ride to Kunming.

Day 5 Kunming ¨CSongming- Gongshan-Daipu Zhaotong(476KM)

Day 6 Zhaotong - Shunan Bamboo Forest (338KM)

Days 7-8 Bamboo Forest to Zigong - Chengdu(420KM)

Day 9 Chengdu Panda Breeding Center and other sights

Days 10-11 Chengdu to Hanzhong via Guangyuan(552KM)

Day 12 Hanzhong to Xi'an (359KM)

Day 13 Xi'an terra cotta armies and other sights

Days 14-15 Xi'an to Lanzhou(730KM)

Day 16 Lanzhou to Xining and visit Taer Si Monastery(2210KM)

Day 17 Xining to Zhangye(338KM)

Day 18 Zhangye to Jiayuguan, (252KM), visit the great Wall

Day 19 Jiyuguan to Dunhuang£¨400KM)

Day 20 Dunhuang sightseeing to Mogao grottoes

Days 21-23 Dunhuang to Turpan (894KM)

Day 24 Sightseeing in Turpan, sugong ta, Beziklic...etc.

Days 25-26 Turpan to Aksu(950KM)

Day 27 Aksu to Kashgar (463KM)

Day 28 Kashgar Sunday Bazzar

Day 29 Kashgar to Border
Clear the customs at either Torugart Border or Irkirstan Border


--Permits and Chinese driving license

--Customs clearances

--Custom Bund

--Tibet Travel Permit

--Third party liability insurance for motorcycles and First Aid Kit

--Tour information about safe riding in China

--Tour guide

--Support van for luggage, and limited seats for passengers




--All entry fees to parks and monasteries, etc...

--Fuel and oil for motorcycle

--All overnights in hotels, guesthouses and tent

--All services not mentioned and all items of a personal nature

--Tipping or gratuities to guides and drivers

--Mandatory international travel insurance

--Extra cost if  tour is delayed or changed due to reasons beyond control

        Mohan to Kashgar ( Cross China to Central Asia)
DATES: On demand
TRIP PRICE: 9500USD/person/bike
SINGLE ROOM: 620USD/person
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 2 riders
START/FINISH: Mohan/Kashgar
DURATION: 29-30 days
TRIP GRADE: Moderate, long stretches
ROUTE: Total distance 6562 km, daily rides 250-400 km. Mostly on asphalt roads with some gravels.
HIGHLIGHTS: Jianshui Ancient Cultural City, Chinese Architecture and gardens, Rarely visited mountain tribes and terraced fields, the Red River. Bamboo forest, Xi'an terra cotta army, Dunhuang Grottoes, Turpan and Kashgar city
BOOKING DEADLINE: Three months before departure