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Follow RideChina founder Wang to ride cross China from SE Asia to Central Asia on your own motorcycles, From the southern ethnic region to heart of the Han Chinese homeland, you travel west, meeting numerous ethnic groups such as Tibetans and the Turkic-speaking Uyghurs of Central Asia, en route to explore the stunning nature and Tibetan cultures of Eastern Tibet, to the remote oasis city of Kashgar. 

Tour Leader Wang (left) for 2017 Laos to Kirgistan. This will be Wang's sixth time on this route.


Travel from tropical southeast Asia to subtropical Southern China to the ancient cities of Dali and Lijiang, following the path of this incredible route of the caravan trades of tea to Shangri_la, the gateway to Tibet and Kham ibetan region. The ride through the third deepest Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the best rides in the world. We travel north into the heartland of Kham Tibetan region, encounter Tibetan nomads and Buddhist temples on our journey through eastern Tibet. After a good rest day in the beautiful valley of Labrang, we then venture on the ancient Silk Road to world famous Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang and the oasis of Turpan on the silk road. Witness the legends of the Silk Road come to life on this memorable tour. The arts and crafts of the region are still thriving since the Silk Road era dated back to thousands of years. We will be riding cross the second largest shifting desert in the world, the Taklimakan Desert from north to the south. Our last days in China will spend in the exotic Kashgar before we head to Torugart pass border.

Day to Day Itinerary

All members are required to arrive to Luang Namtha, Laos on May 03, 2017

Day to Day Itinerary


Day 1 Boten Laos to China Jing Hong  220km  4hr   May 04
Ride from Luang Namtha to Boten and exit Laos and ride to Chinese border. Your guide will clear the customs and do the paper works for you. Afterwards you ride to Mengla getting plates and licenses. Your adventure in China starts now! Push to Jing Hong, the capital city of Xishuangbanna

Day 2 Jing Hong to Shuangjiang  325km 6hr May 05
Out of the city, ride to Menghai, tea plantations and continue to Shuangjiang Lahu Minority town.

Day 3 Shuangjiang to Dali  400km 6hr  May 06
Ride to Weishan, stop for half an hour to visit Weishan old town. Last 60KM to Dali old city.


Day 4 Dali to Lijiang  170km 4hr  May 07
Ride along the lake, visit Xizhou Village for traditional Bai Houses. Afternoon arrive in Lijiang.


Day 5 Lijiang Rest Day  May 08
Lijiang, the UNESCO World Heritage site.
Lijiang's charming Old Town is a maze of cobbled streets, canals, and stone bridges that date from the Ming Dynasty. You are free to explore this ancient city at your leisure. Lijiang is a shop till you drop type place and all sorts of interesting items are for sale.


Day 6 Lijiang to Tiger Gorge to Shangri_la  275km 6hr  May 09
Leave for Tiger Leaping Gorge, the highlight of motorcycle riding. We will ride through this third deepest gorge in the world. Lunch in the gorge and ride to Shangri_la on the back roads. Shangri_la is the gateway to Tibet and Kahm.


Day 7 Shangri_la to Xiangcheng  220km  4hr  May 10
We will ride our of Shangri_la and descending to Yangtse River. Ride to Derong, entering Sichua Province, eastern Tibet, Kham region. Follow Dinchu river to Xiangcheng.


Day 8 Xiangcheng/Yajiang  339km  8hr   May 11
Today we climb Haizi Mounatin to Litang, highest town of China. Haizi mountain is now a national park of Glacier movement. We then ride to Yajing county for overnight.


Day 9 Yajiang/Danba 220KM 4hr   May 12
Ride to Danba, a very senci ride in the lavvey of Yajiang river and enroute visit the Danba towers, we spend a night in a Tibetan Guesthouse.


Day 10 Danba/Hongyuan 370KM 7Hr   May 13

Ride to Hongyuan, Tibet plateau and grassland, we will see Tibetan nomads and thousands of cattles roaming on the grassland.


Day 11 Hongyuan/ Labrang  400KM 8Hr  May 14
Passing nomads and cattles on grassland and lamasery temples, we will ride towards Labrang Monastery in the beautiful valley of Xiahe.

Day 12 Labrang Rest Day  May 15
Labrang Monasteryis the largest monastery in the traditional Tibetan region of Amdo. Established in 1709, Labrang housed over 4000 monks at its peak, but now only has around 1500 monks with another couple of hundred lay students. Located in the Gansu Part of Amdo, Labrang is considered the cultural heart of Amdo Tibetan culture along with nearby town of Rebkong. We will spend a day to explore this fascinating place


Day 13 Labrang to Xining  233km  6hr  May 16
We ride to Xining, the gateway to northwest China. Starts to enter Muslim region. Xining is the home to Taersi monastery, an important Tibetan School, also named Kumbum.


Day 14   Xining to Zhangye  338km  5hr  May 17
Ride over the Qilian Mountain, alpine sceneries along the way. Arrive Zhangye and visit the Big Buddha Temple.


Day 15  Zhangye to Jiayuguan  262km  4hr  May 18
We will ride out of Zhangye, visit a Karst Danxia Landform park, arrive in Jiayuguan, the most westbound section of the great wall.

Day 16  Jiayuguan to Dunhuang  380km  6hr  May 19
Ride the gobi desert to Dunhuang, the world famous grottoes dated back to 6th century.


Day  17   Dunhuang rest day  May 20
Visit Mogao grottoes, The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years. The Mogao Caves are the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes and is one of the three famous ancient Buddhist sculptural sites of China. We will also visit the Crescent sand dunes and spring oasis.


Day 18   Dunhuang to Hami  414KM 6 Hr  May 21
We continue our adventure on the silk road to Hami city, It is well known as the home of sweet Hami melons. Hami is the first city to be reached for travellers exiting Gansu province.


Day 19  Hami to Turpan  400km 6 Hr  May 22
We will ride to the most flourishing oasis in the desert, Turpan has long been the centre of a fertile oasis (with water provided by the karez canal system) and an important trade centre. It was historically located along the Silk Road, at which time it was adjacent to the kingdoms of Kroran and Yanqi. The name Turfan itself however was not used until the end of the Middle Ages.

Day  20  Turpan rest day   May 23
We shall visit Sugong ta pagoda, Beziklic...the flaming mountain, Karez wells, and the city ruins of the ancient times. etc.


Day 21  Turpan/Korla  400KM 6 Hr  May 24
We ride on the northern edge of the Taklimakan Desert to Korla.


Day 22  Korla to Alaer 595KM 8 Hr  May 25
We ride to Kuche for lunch and trun south to Alaer city on the northern edge of the Taklimakan Desert.


Day 23  Alaer to Khotan 450KM 6 Hr  May 26
We will ride cross world's second largest shifting sand desert with about 85% made up of shifting sand dunes, ranking 16th in size in a ranking of the world's largest deserts. The Taklamakan Desert has very little water therefore it is hazardous to cross in the old tiimes, Merchant caravans on the Silk Road would stop for relief at the thriving oasis towns on both sides of the desert. Today thie desert highway is built for the oil town in the middle of the desert.


Day 24  Khotan to Kashgar  500KM  7 Hr  May 27
Continue our journey on the silk road to Kashgar, one of the most exotic cities of Asia.


Day 25  Kashgar rest day  Sunday Bazzar   May 28
We will be strolling around the Sunday Market, and visit mosque and Abohojia tomb


Day 26  Kashgar/Torugart Pass  May 29
We ride to Torugart Pass, clear the customs and exit China to Kirghizstan. You are two days away from Bishkek, you may spend a night at Naryn.


--Chinese driving licenses

--Temporary Plates

--Customs clearances (in and out)

--Custom Deposit Bund

--Third party liability insurance for motorcycles

--Tour information about safe riding in China

--English Speaking riding guide

--Maintenances advise for your bike and spare parts sourcing in China


All meals

--All overnights in hotels, guesthouses

--All entry fees to parks and monasteries, etc...

--Fuel(15USD/day average)

--All services not mentioned and all items of a personal nature

--Tipping or gratuities to guides and drivers

--Mandatory international travel insurance

--Extra cost if  tour is delayed or changed due to reasons beyond control

        Laos to Central Asia through China
DATES: May 04, 2017
TRIP PRICE: 2 riders: 7000USD/person/bike
3 riders: 5500USD/person/bike
4 riders: 4000USD/person/bike
5-6 riders: 3500USD/person/bike
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 2 riders
START/FINISH: Boten/Kashgar/Torugart Pass
DURATION: 26 days, 20 riding days, 5 rest days
TRIP GRADE: Moderate, experienced riders with good riding skills and endurance
ROUTE: Total distance 6562 km, daily rides 250-550 km. Mostly on asphalt roads with some gravels.
ACCOMMODATIONS: Hotels and guesthouses
HIGHLIGHTS: Laos, Xishuangbana tpical forest, Dali, Lijiang and Shangri_la, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Kham Tibetan Region, Yangtse and Yellow River.Chinese Architecture and gardens, Rarely visited mountain tribes and terraced fields, the Red River. tropical southern China, Shangri_la, Kham Tibetan region, Dunhuang Grottoes, Tupan Oasis, Taklimakan Desert, Kashgar.